Google Easter Eggs

Seit dem Google in der Weihnachtszeit  „Let it Snow“ veröffentlichte kennt Sie jeder: Die „Google Easter Eggs“.
Als `Google Easter Egg´ (zu deutsch „Ostereier“) werden versteckte Suchanfragen bezeichnet, bei denen sich die Betreiber der Suchmaschine Google  einen Scherz erlaubten und anstatt der normalen Ergebnisse (SERPs) irgendwelche lustigen Sachen in den Suchergebnissen anzeigen.

Wir haben euch hier eine Liste mit zahlreichen „Google Easter Eggs“ zusammengestellt. Ausprobieren lohnt sich!

1) Arithmetic
  • „the answer to life, the universe, and everything“ gets 42 in result.
  • „the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything“ also gets 42.
  • „the lonliest number“ gets 1.
  • „the number of horns on a unicorn“ gets 1.
  • „a bakers dozen“ gets 13.
  • „once in a blue moon“ gets 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz
2) Google Search Easter eggs
    • Searching for „tilt“ or „askew“ makes the page to tilt to its right a bit.
    • „recursion“ shows did u mean: recursion and allows the searcher to recursively search for recursion.
    • „do a barrel roll“ or „z or r twice“ results in 360 degree rotation of the page. The same barrel rolling for this page of the site can also be done by clicking the link TipsNTweaks Barrel roll.
    • „anagram“ shows did u mean: nag a ram.
    • „ascii art“ and then check out the google logo in top left to the search bar.
    • „let it snow“ makes the page to simulate a snowfall and frost on the search results After a while, the search screen fogs up and the blue search button changes to Defrost, enabling the user to defrost the page clicking and rubbing it like a window. Interaction with the actual search screen is disabled until the Defrost button is pressed.Search screen will cease to fog up once the Defrost button is pressed.(the easter egg released before christmas is not working anymore)
    • „hanukkah“ when searched shows a row of stars like stars of david below the google search box.(the easter egg released before hanukkah is not working anymore)
    • „kwanzaa“ Searching Google for kwanzaa will show the image of 7 candles 7 times below the google search box.(the easter egg released before kwanzaa festival is not working anymore)
    • „christmas“ or „christmas lights“ or „santa claus“ or „12 days of christmas“ or „father christmas“ or „merry christmas“ or „candy cane“(thanks to our reader boundrys for notifying this easter egg). A google search for any of these terms shows a row of christmas lights below the google search box.(the easter eggs released before christmas is not working anymore)
3) I’m feeling Lucky easter eggs
    • „google gravity“ (still data can be searched in google after this)
    • „google sphere“
    • „google loco“
    • „epic google“ (after typing this, look for „Check out my little brother, Weenie Google“ at the bottom of the screen)
    • „find chuck norris“
    • „google flight simulator“
    • „let me google that for you“
    • „google gothic“
    • „google pacman“(a pacman game can be played from it)
    • „google guitar“
    • „google pirate“
    • „google rainbow“
    • „google reverse“
    • „elgoog“
    • „who is the cutest person in the world“ or „Who is the cutest?“
    • „google pig latin“
    • „google blue“ (can be done for other colors also and only google green gets to a renewable energy page rest has same effect with corresponding color difference as typed)
    • „google pond“ (also google painter gives the same effect of that an google pond instead of the painter one’s which can also be seen in next easter egg’s category with direct links given below)
    • „goglogo“
    • „google is god“
    • „google is gold“
    • „google 133t“
    • „ewmew fudd“
    • „google gangster“
    • „google bork“
    • „funny google“ ( any names can be set)
    • „xx-klingon“
    • „xx-piglatin“
    • „xx-hacker“
    • „googles by kids“
    • „psychic google“
    • „2204355“
    • „Annoying Google“
    • „LOL Limewire“
    • „google gulp“ a search on this will get to google autodrink on line of smart drink to enhance surfing efficiency and which is one of the most famous google hoaxes(thanks to our reader plavanga for notifying us this old forgotten easter egg of google).
    • „Blackle“ search will get a custom black background google search engine which aims to save power by displaying in black(thanks to our reader rosy for notifying the blackle google easter egg)
    • „Google Mentalplex“
    • „Google Chart“
    • „Google Pigeonrank“
    • „Google Fool Animation“
    • „Googlunaplex“
    • „Google Virgle“
    • „Google gDay“
    • „Google Chrome 3D“ ( A google chrome can be downloaded to browse things in 3D as per googles April fool joke of 2010)
    • „Google Moon“
    • „Google Tisp“
    • „define an english person“ ( Thanks to our reader Robert for notifying this trick)
4) Some random easter eggs with direct links to access them

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